Best phone tracker app to protect teens from cyber predators

Best phone tracker app to protect teens from cyber predators

Young teens these days are highly obsessed with cellphone devices connected to the internet. Therefore, they used to spend hours and hours on mobile devices to use social messaging apps, inappropriate browsing activities, adult content, and plenty of others alike. However, teens are also using online dating apps to get involves in hookups online and lastly, they also got trapped by cyber predators. Therefore, under these circumstances, parents over the years have decided to track children’s activities online using their phones. On the other hand, technologies have taken a step ahead to monitor children’s devices using the best phone tracker app.

What is cellphone tracking software?

It is a technological tool that is been developed specifically for the safety of teens and to keep an eye on their cellphone activities. You just need to install it on the target device and then you can get your hands on the powerful and exclusive features. You can record live cellphone calls, browser activities, IM’s logs, screenshots, remote surveillance, and dashboard for uploading information. It is the best application to set parental control on kids alongside it has user –friendly interface that helps you out navigate surveillance activities without facing technical issues. However, you can discuss any sort of issue with its customer care service.


When it comes to its usage you need to keep in mind that it is compatible with Android mobile devices. Moreover, it works under complete secrecy because it will remain hidden on the target device.

How to install TheOneSpy phone tracking app?

The first and foremost step you need to perform is to visit the official webpage of TOS and once you have reached on it using the web get the subscription. In addition to that, you need to check your email inbox and you will have the password and ID of the license. Now you can get access to the target device that should be physical in nature. Get started with the process of installation and then you need to activate it on the target device. Now use the credentials that you have got earlier to activate the web control panel. Furthermore, you can get access to its sate of the art features to do surveillance on kids’ activities.

Use mobile phone tracking software Features

Live screen recording

Users can use the online dashboard and get access to the target phone and then start live screen recording of the cellphone using screen recorder software. User can record short videos of the screen and send to the web portal.

Call recording

You can track and record live incoming and outgoing calls using secret call recorder software. In addition to that, you can save the recording to the web portal.

IM’s logs

Get the logs of instant messengers running on the target device in terms of messages, chat, voice chat, multimedia sharing, and voice chats.

Browsing activities

Users can remotely get access to the target device installed browser to see visited websites and bookmarked webpages.


TOS phone surveillance app is the best tool for parents to see hidden activities on cellphones to make sure they are not getting involved in inappropriate activity.

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