Will I regret buying a Macbook

Will I regret buying a Macbook

I once thought about throwing it down, not just once. At the airport, on security check I wish the staff would confiscate it too.

My MacBook Air, which has been around for only 18 months, has become the worst Apple device of the decade.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been using my Mac for 20 years. Most are very good and durable machines. But the Air’s legendary butterfly keyboard really shame butterflies.

One of the basic requirements of a keyboard is that they must be typed. On my computer, the M key is the first exit key. I had just landed at the airport and it was frustrating. It’s troublesome when the keyboard is broken, especially when Apple Store employees claim this is an error for a few people. Obviously at least not at all.

By the middle of last year, I made the M key work again by pressing hard until it healed. But then the other keys began to fail.

The next victim is the P. key. I also fixed it by pressing hard, but is this the way to fix all the keys? Why can a few crumbs of bread damage a laptop keyboard of $ 1,200 ?

Then things continued to get worse. Over the past few weeks, it’s been the turn to turn bad. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

How timely, when Apple released a version of the MacBook Air last week with a regular keyboard. I faced a difficult choice, when I was about to stay home for weeks, even months because of the disease.

I could accept that the keyboard was a bit out of order, but the machine also started to slow down. The A and S keys begin to peel off, while the rubber around the edge of the device begins to break. The Air now looks ruined and cheap.

When I saw the new MacBook Air cost from $ 999 , I couldn’t help but to go to Apple’s website to see it. That was when I fell into the trap.

The 999 USD version only has 256 GB memory. If you want to 512 GB, it will be $ 1,299 . Well, I need another 16 GB of RAM, so that’s another $ 200 . And maybe I’ll use it for a longer time because the keyboard is better, so why not add some RAM and storage?

In the end, the device I chose costs $ 1,800 . It’s like when you want to buy economy class air tickets and eventually upgrade to business class.

I know, I was acting silly. I don’t always upgrade defiantly. I used to upgrade from iPhone 6 to iPhone XR . Perhaps the prospect of being stuck at home left me without thinking.

Laptops are my money maker anyway, and Apple said it will ship on March 23-25. Then until payment, the deadline is pushed back to 3-10 / 4. Now what else can I do?

This may be the first time I’ve bought a device I’ve never seen outside. But was it the last time I bought a laptop from Apple?

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